Degree Programs Offered by LanzhouJiaotongUniversity

Master's Degrees:


Applied Chemistry

Applied Computer Technology

Applied Mathematics

Bridge & Tunnel Engineering

Cartography & Geographical Information Systems

Chemical Engineering & Technology

Circuits & System

Communication & Information Systems

Computational Mathematics

Computer Software & Theory

Computer System Organization

Control Theory & Control Engineering

Disaster Prevention & Reduction Engineering and Protective Engineering


Electromagnetic Field and Microware Technology

Electron magnetic Field and Microwave Technology

Electrician Theory and New Technology

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Thermal Physics

English Linguistics & Applied Linguistics

Enterprise Management

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Science

Erosion and Desertification Controlling

Geotechnical Engineering

Heating & Gas Supply, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Engineering

Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering

Hydrology & Water Resources

Ideological and Political Education

Industrial Catalysis

Industrial Economics

Inorganic Chemistry

Machine Design & Theory

Management Science & Engineering

Material Mechanics

Measurement Technology & Automatic Equipment

Measuring and testing Technologies and Instruments

Mechanical Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering

Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation


Municipal Engineering

Navigation, guidance and control

Operational Research & Cybernetics

Pattern Recognition & Intelligent System

Power Electronics & Transmission

Research on Marxism in China

Road & Railway Engineering

Safety Technology & Engineering

Signal and Information Processing

Structural Engineering

System Analysis and Integration

System Engineering

Thermal Energy Engineering

Traffic & Transportation Planning & Management

Traffic Information Engineering & Control

Transportation Planning and Management

Urban Planning & Design

Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle Operation Engineering